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Art by Mau-Acheron :la:

About the Contest:

Depict any of the EverScript characters in a fairy tale! This fairy tale can be:
a) An existing one.
b) One of your own making.


Opens TODAY and closes Sunday 11th May, 2014. No extensions will be given unless three or more people ask in the comments of this journal.


:bulletpurple: One entry per person.
:bulletpurple: The entries have to submitted to the proper gallery folder, and credit the group in your Author’s Comments.
:bulletpurple: You have to have at least one (1) character in your picture. Any pairing(s) allowed.
:bulletpurple: Include EverScript logo by BritsMc13 or Ever Script Logo Rveamped and Digitalized by kasmab in all pictures.
:bulletpurple: Reference pictures can be seen in the group’s gallery.
:bulletpurple: You are allowed to change your picture as many times as you like as long as it is before the deadline.


:) First: 3 month premium and $45
:) Second: 1 month premium and $30
:) Third: $15

:la:BONUS PRIZE: All the entrants will be submitted into a raffle to win a year long premium. This is a free for all- after I close the contest, I will put all the entrants' names into a jar, shake it, and pull a random winner!

This contest will be judged by me, based on:
:bulletpurple: Whether you stuck to the theme.
:bulletpurple: Originality of the picture.

Have fun! :squee:

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EverScript Chapters


Countdown to the end of the Fairytales Contest!

Sunday, May 11th @ 12:00am

You got this much time 'til the contest ends!

EverScript Comic!

All done by the lovely Mau-Acheron :squee:

EverScript Volume 1 Cover by BritsMc13EverScript 1.01 by BritsMc13EverScript 1.02-03 by BritsMc13EverScript 1.04 by BritsMc13EverScript 1.05 by BritsMc13EverScript 1.06 by BritsMc13EverScript 1.07 by BritsMc13

First Meetings: Akae and the EverScript Characters.

All done by alexielart :meow:

Commission: First Meeting .Akae and Seta. by alexielartCommission: First meeting .Akae and Chika. by alexielartCommission: First meeting .Akae and Ai. by alexielartCommission: First meeting .Akae and Rikki. by alexielart


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X-DarkHunter-X Feb 28, 2013  Student General Artist
Ten minutes and I'll be done :D
X-DarkHunter-X Feb 28, 2013  Student General Artist
so closseee I'm done line art and half the flat colouring, which means... more flat colouring, shading, and a BG to go. whew.
konami25 Dec 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
wats this group about
It's about my story, EverScript. The story revolves around Rikki as she discovers she's a host for this spirit, and that it gives her powers over light. She finds this out after attending an EverScript concert, and all three girls from the band are hosts as well. Ai controls earth, Chika controls whirlwinds and Akae controls fire. She meets others along the way, and there is a whole "baddie's are gonna be bad" thing to drive the plot.
This group is basically a place where I can put all my chapters, fanart and commissions, as well as a way for me to host contests and the like.
There is currently a contest going on where you - the reader - can write or show a scenario that the character(s) of EverScript will find themselves in.
I'm currently working with :iconmau-acheron: to make this story into a comic.
If you wanna find out more, I would suggest reading the chapters (found here, duh) and joining the group to get updates etc. But it's up to you :)
Thanks for showing interest! :tighthug:
Excuse me, but may I ask if Rikki has blue or teal/sea green eyes?
Oh, I see. She's very cute!
Thank you! And if you have any other questions, all you gotta do is ask~ I love answering questions!! :XD:
cjayyuka May 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:o I.. just found something on the internet...[link]

So... does this mean that Asikaga came from "Ashikaga" and that the shogun Akae met was Takauji?! (Chapter Seven, when Akira tells Akae his last name)
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